Adding wood floors to your home is easier and less intrusive than you might think! Unlike a few years ago, today there are many more options on the market. Laminate, prefinished and unfinished flooring are the types that are most often requested by our clients.

LAMINATE FLOORING: Usually thin, approximately 3/8” and can be installed over many existing flooring. It is very durable and less expensive than other options; however it does not have the true look of solid wood. This type of flooring can not be refinished.

~ DON SWANSBURG OF WAKEFIELD, MA, chose laminate flooring in both commercial and rental property.  Don says “I was really pleased with the speed and quality of the installation.”



PREFINISHED WOOD FLOORING:  ¾” thick solid wood with a factory applied finish. It comes in most species and finishes. The long edges of the board have a “micro” bevel on them. The micro bevel is there because the flooring is not sanded after it is installed. Without the bevel, there would be a noticeable difference in height, from piece to piece. When this type of flooring first came on the market the “micro” bevel was not so small, and was very noticeable when the floor was installed. Today, with better milling technology, the bevel is considerably smaller and is barely noticeable. Prefinished wood flooring can be refinished.

~ MO AND JANET ACCOMAZZO OF GROTON, MA, chose to use prefinished red oak. Mo says “After seeing how small the bevel is, we chose to use the prefinished floor. We were not trying to match an existing floor and the thought of having it finished in one day was appealing to us.”


UNFINISHED FLOORING: What has been traditionally installed. The wood is purchased unfinished and with square edges. It is then installed, sanded and finished on site. This is a good option when you are matching or tying into existing floors. Today’s technology allows for near dust free sanding. The finishes are improved as well with quick drying, water borne urethane that is very durable. Unfinished wood flooring can be refinished.

~ LINDA BESSE OF AMESBURY, MA, lives in an older home with random width pine floors. In one room, she wanted to remove the existing carpeting and install new wood flooring. We discussed the options with her, and she decided that unfinished flooring would be her best option. Laminate flooring would not look authentic and, there is not a good prefinished flooring on the market that would match her “antique” floors. Unfinished flooring would allow us to install a floor that would be in keeping with the rest of the flooring. “It is so nice that the new flooring is the same as the rest of my home.”

There are many factors that go into deciding which wood flooring to use and there are many varieties of flooring available. Are you thinking of changing some flooring in your home? Team Handyman can help you make sense of it all.  Please call us to help you decided what floor would work for your home!


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