Recently, our client Jesse, in Hampton Falls, NH consulted with us to install new wood railings on a set of precast steps. I was about to tell him how difficult it is to fasten wood railings to precast steps because the steps are hollow and the walls and top are not very thick. Before I said anything, he had mentioned that he found some hardware online that he thought would work. He asked me to look at it to determine if it would.

After researching online with a site we frequently visit; Ideas for Deck Designs and consulting with the manufacturer, we determined that it would work fine. So we gladly approached the project with knowledge and installed the new railings for his home.

The Titan Post Anchor™ is the first concealed wood post surface mounted anchoring system of its kind.

Use it for deck railings, patio railings or anywhere you need a clean looking, strong, wood post connection to any surface – wood, composite or concrete.

It’s also great as a support post base on concrete.

Thanks for the good find Jesse!

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