Whether you have multiple buildings or a three family home that you need to maintain, Team Handyman can provide those all-so-necessary services to keep you and your tenants happy.

Our experienced, well-trained technicians arrive on time and are ready to take on any task.  We pride ourselves in working with the most qualified individuals so we can efficiently manage each task with ease.  

At Team Handyman we understand that customer satisfaction is key and we believe that begins with trust.  We honor our promptness so you will never have to worry about wasting your valuable time waiting on us.  Our technicians offer the same attention to detail and quality work to every job.

Our comprehensive property and facility maintenance services include:

  • – HVAC Repair
  • – Parking Lot Repair
  • – Fence/Gate Repair
  • – Locksmith
  • – Electrical*
  • – Plumbing*
  • – Painting
  • – Door & Window Repair
  • – Flooring Repair
  • – Roof Repair
  • – Irrigation Repair
  • – Disaster Clean Up

 *All plumbing and electrical work is performed by a licensed contractor.

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